SEAT S.A.’s 15,000 workers stop for one hour to raise awareness against climate change

SEAT S.A.’s 15,000 workers stop for one hour to raise awareness against climate change

  • The #Project1Hour initiative, which takes place today as part of Earth Day, is part of a global project of the Volkswagen Group
  • During this hour, employees debated how they can contribute to improving climate change and proposed individual and corporate actions for reducing CO2 emissions
  • With this action, SEAT S.A. demonstrates its firm commitment to the environment and the planet and furthers its global ambition to be a CO2 neutral company by 2050

SEAT S.A. is firmly committed to the climate targets of the Paris Agreement. Therefore, in commemoration of Earth Day, today the company activated #Project1Hour, a global awareness-raising initiative in which the 15,000 employees of SEAT S.A. stopped their activities for one hour to reflect on climate change and define specific actions that they can integrate into their daily routine, both in the workplace and in their personal lives, to help put a stop to it.

In these sessions, company employees put forward personal actions that contribute to reducing individual CO2 emissions, such as driving electrified, sustainable vehicles, going paperless, avoiding bottled water, contracting energy from renewable sources and installing solar panels in their homes, not travelling by plane, or reducing meat consumption, among others.

SEAT S.A. President Wayne Griffiths stated that “as a leading company in the sector, we have a clear responsibility towards the environment. Our goal is firm: we want to meet the targets of the Green Deal and be a CO2 neutral company by 2050. To achieve this, we need to move towards electric vehicles. At SEAT S.A. we’ve already implemented an investment of 5 billion euros and are fully undergoing the transformation of the company and our SEAT and CUPRA brands towards electrification. We aim to lead the industrial, technological and sustainable transformation of Spain and put the country on electric wheels.” “With #Project1Hour, we want to activate global awareness so that the entire company, with our 15,000 employees, move forward together in the fight against climate change. This is the only way we can protect the planet and achieve a more sustainable future for young people” added Griffiths.

SEAT S.A. Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros considers the #Project1Hour initiative to be “a magnificent opportunity for every single one of the company’s employees to form a direct part of a shared goal with society, the fight against climate change. With this initiative, SEAT S.A. wants all our employees to become aware of the real responsibility we have as a company and as individuals in protecting the environment. Each one of us must be environmental ambassadors for SEAT S.A.”


Learning together and raising awareness about climate change

During Earth Day, all SEAT S.A. employees stopped their activity for an hour, either in the office, at home where many work remotely or on the production line, to take part in #Project1Hour and address the importance of environmental protection for society. The workshop has been an opportunity to learn about climate change and its impact on the planet and above all, to come up with ideas that can reduce the individual carbon footprint and take action both in the professional environment and in personal life. This project is part of SEAT S.A. and the Volkswagen Group’s commitment to caring for the planet and the environment.


Mobilisation day for the entire Volkswagen Group

#Project1Hour is an initiative that forms part of an international action promoted by the Volkswagen Group in favour of the environment. The more than 15,000 SEAT S.A. employees have thus joined the Group’s 660,000 workers in the fight against climate change in order to achieve real change.


SEAT S.A.’s sustainability strategy

SEAT S.A. is firmly committed to the climate targets of the Paris Agreement and aims to be a CO2 neutral company by 2050. To achieve this, SEAT S.A. launched its environmental mission Move to ZERØ, which includes an ambitious decarbonisation programme to reduce CO2 emissions from the entire life cycle of products, services and mobility solutions, including design, raw material sourcing and production right through to end-of-life. Initiatives such as #Project1Hour add to the company’s commitment to protect the planet from climate change and global warming.

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