SEAT MÓ rolls out its motosharing service in Barcelona

SEAT MÓ rolls out its motosharing service in Barcelona

  • SEAT MÓ has 632 fully electric eScooters in Barcelona
  • It also offers an all-inclusive motorbike and kickscooter subscription service with no time commitment
  • The entire fleet is equipped with Liquid Guard®, a pioneering nanotechnological solution in Spain. The project led by SEAT, Nano-Care and Elisava, permanently protects user safety against COVID-19
  • SEAT:CODE developed the mobile app and cloud-based mobility platform with SEAT MÓ

Following the presentation of the new SEAT MÓ brand last June, created to boost the urban mobility strategy focused on micromobility products and services, the company has rolled out its first motosharing service in Barcelona with a total of 632 eScooters available to the public.

After the implementation of the Low Emission Zone (LEC) in Barcelona at the beginning of the year, SEAT is now offering a motosharing and a subscription service with fully electric scooters in the city, with the goal of ensuring individual mobility to all citizens, even during the days with traffic restrictions. With its agile, zero emission vehicles, SEAT MÓ aims to contribute to reducing pollution and improving urban mobility in Barcelona, the home of SEAT.

Lucas Casasnovas, the head of SEAT MÓ, said that “this launch strengthens our commitment to new urban mobility and is a further step in our aim to help create better cities and make mobility more accessible and affordable to the public, especially young people. Our objective is to offer the best product, with electric scooters equivalent to 125cc output, and the best service, including additional safety and hygiene measures against COVID-19. We want to become the true ally that cities need and contribute to making them safer, more sustainable and more efficient.”

The mobile app and cloud mobility platform were developed by the company’s SEAT:CODE software development centre in collaboration with SEAT MÓ. Users just have to download the app on their smartphone and look for the SEAT MÓ electric motorbike parked near their location on the map and unlock it. In the storage case of the eScooter there are two helmets for the driver and a passenger, as well as disposable hygienic caps and sanitizing wipes as safety measure against COVID-19. Additionally, SEAT eScooters receive a pioneering treatment on the surfaces with the Liquid Guard® solution, a nano coating that protects the vehicles by eliminating possible viruses, microbes, bacteria and fungi.


Subscription model: the choice for customised mobility

SEAT MÓ also offers an all-inclusive subscription model that gives users access to an eScooter for weeks or months, including vehicle insurance, maintenance, a helmet and a weekly battery change. And all without any time commitment. The cost is 75 euros per week; 200 euros per month and in the case of renting one quarterly, 150 euros per month. The subscription model is intended for one user and an additional person, such as a family member.

The company has also implemented a weekly and monthly subscription format for its two electric kickscooter models. The eKickscooter 25 costs 15 euros per week and 40 euros per month, while the new eKickscooter 65 can be rented for 25 euros per week or 75 euros per month.

In this sense, Lucas Casasnovas highlighted that “consumer habits are evolving towards pay-per-use services. The new subscription model makes it possible to have a vehicle permanently available to the user, but without incurring associated costs such as parking, insurance or maintenance. And the most important thing: with maximum health safety, since during the subscription period, the user who contracts the service will be the only one using the SEAT MÓ motorcycle and kickscooters for the duration of the contract.”


A pioneering hygiene solution

The SEAT MÓ fleet of electric motorbikes in Barcelona is the first in Spain to have a pioneering hygiene solution, part of a European research project, to ensure the safety and hygiene of the vehicles. The project, called CAMS (COVID Adapted Motosharing Services), was led by SEAT; Elisava, the University School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona; and Nano-Care, manufacturers of the Liquid Guard® product, and financed by the European EIT Urban Mobility programme (

The project consists in applying to all our fleets, accessories included, the the innovative Liquid Guard® solution, a nanotechnological solution that permanently protects users against viruses and bacteria. Liquid Guard® is a 100% ecological product, capable of eliminating 99,9% of viruses, microbes, bacteria and fungi. SEAT MÓ is the first operator in Spain in charge of testing the service in the city of Barcelona over the next few months, which will enable the motorbike sharing service to be offered with excellent hygiene measures.

The CAMS project is part of the European EIT initiative on Urban Mobility, of which SEAT is a member, which aims to develop innovations in urban mobility in the European Union to improve mobility and promote business innovation and the redesign of public spaces.

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