Behind the wheel of the CUPRA Formentor for the first time

Behind the wheel of the CUPRA Formentor for the first time

The first model developed 100% by CUPRA

  • The CUPRA development team describes their impressions behind the wheel of the Formentor, which is about to hit the streets of the world
  • Five driving modes and bucket seats, all focused on experiencing the road
  • CUPRA drivers Jordi Gené and Mattias Ekström have collaborated in its development by applying their experience on the circuits to the production model 

The CUPRA Formentor is about to take to the streets of the world. But some have already had the privilege of driving it including the CUPRA development team led by SEAT executive Vice-president for R&D Dr. Werner Tietz, along with CUPRA Technical Officer Marta Almuni and CUPRA driver Jordi Gené. The following are their impressions at the wheel of the brand’s first uniquely designed and developed model.

- 310 PS of controlled power. A road closed to traffic with several sharp bends and very pronounced changes in elevation await the 310 hp CUPRA Formentor Launch Edition. At the wheel, the executive Vice-president for R&D Werner Tietz: “Before you start driving it’s very important to select how you want to do it.” The Formentor is equipped with five different driving modes. “We tried to give it the same feeling as a compact and with its progressive steering and adaptive chassis we created five driving modes”, says CUPRA Technical Officer Marta Almuni. On this type of road there’s no hesitation: “I select the CUPRA mode right from the start” says Tietz.

- One steering wheel, several functions. You can access the CUPRA mode quickly and easily from the steering wheel itself. When you wrap your fingers on it you have everything under control - it’s also where you’ll find the ignition button. “By taking your hands off the wheel as little as possible, driving is very sporty as well as safe. There are also fewer distractions so you can enjoy the road to the fullest”, explains Tietz.

- Made to feel the asphalt. Another aspect that enhances the feeling of being in contact with the road is the standard bucket seats. “We pay extra special attention to the seats. It was a first step to bringing the emotion of a racing car to a production vehicle. They are the first point of contact with the driver and convey all the sensations of the road,” says Almuni. “Although the driving position is higher as it is a CUV, you really feel connected to the road”, says Tietz.

- One with the road. The CUPRA engineering team worked side by side with CUPRA drivers, Jordi Gené and Mattias Ekström, in order to apply their experience on the circuits to the Formentor. “Another thing we worked on a lot was the adjustments to the chassis, suspension, steering and engine calibrations. The final tests were done with Gené and Ekström who helped us to ensure that the car had the cornering accuracy we wanted and the accelerator pedal reactivity we were looking for” according to Almuni. After testing it again, Jordi Gené describes his reactions: “The result has been amazing. The steering wheel fully transmits what happens under the wheels and the suspension allows you to always be in control.”


The CUPRA Formentor in a nutshell...

“You’ll have fun when you drive it for the first time.”  Werner Tietz

“It’s been a great team effort.” Marta Almuni

“Robust like an SUV and sporty like a compact.” Jordi Gené

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